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Learning the Quran is essential for every Muslim and it is even more important to study it word by word. It is also important for every Muslim to comprehend what is present in the Quran. For reading the Book of Allah, first, we have to work hard to learn Arabic. For learning how to read the Arabic language, it is important to learn the letters and then words in the Quran. The total number of words in the Koran is about 80,000. But only 20,000 words are only the actual words. So if a student learns these 20,000 words, he can learn all the words. It is a great benefit for non-Arabic learners. The learners will be able to get the basic message of the Quran. Learning the Koran is not difficult and it is even easier to Learn Quran Word by Word. Significance Of Word By Word Learning Learning starts with reading. For fluent reading, it is important to get familiar with the basic words. A Qaida course is the best way to know about the basic words. If a learner learns all the words, he can rea…

Best Ways to Find Female Quran Teachers for Teaching Quran to your Kids

The Quran is our heavenly book and knowledge is summarized in this heavenly book. Quran is a deep ocean of knowledge that’s why Muslims emphasize the learning of Quran for adults and kids. Children need friendliness and congeniality so parents need to Find female Quran teachers for kids. If a teacher is a good communicator and possesses a deep knowledge of the Quran, the children will have efficient Quran education. Everyone wants to have a teacher for kids who has an engaging personality and remarkable teaching style.

A few things that you need to read:
1. The Importance Of Quran Learning For Kids
2. The Need for Quran Teacher For Children
3. Ways To Find Female Quran Teachers For Kids
    3.1. From A Female Madrassa
    3.2. Classified Ads
    3.3. Search over the Internet
    3.4. Online Quran Centers
4. Join Pak Quran Academy

The Importance Of Quran Learning For Kids

The knowledge of the Quran guarantees success in the world and Heaven. In the Quran, we find all the laws of good deeds and prosperity, so Muslims should teach the Quran to children. The Quran gives spiritual satisfaction so children should start learning Quran for having a healthy future. Muslim children can also memorize the Quran to preserve it in their hearts besides simple recitation.

Quran can transform life, and children if learn Quran will be able to study, understand, and adhere to Allah’s commands in the Quran.

The children need to learn the Quran from the very basic. The advance Quran education is for older children who complete all the basic Quran courses. The first thing the children should learn is Tajweed. The Tajweed lessons will help them know the correct ways of reading the Quran. Many parents want their children to memorize the Quran. Children have sharp minds and can easily memorize the Quran. The first step towards Quran learning is learning the Quran recitation. Parents want their children to learn reading the Quran in the right manner.

The advance Quran learning is also important for children to have correct Islamic beliefs. It is important that children should have companionship with the Quran.

The Need Of Quran Teacher For Children

For proper Quran education, there is a need for qualified Quran teacher. The teacher should have good communication skills in order to teach efficiently. Parents also require that the Quran teacher they hired for their children should have good communication with them. Knowledge of the Quran is no doubt the most important thing that a teacher should possess.

Learning the Quran needs guidance so there is a need for highly qualified tutors for children. When there is a qualified tutor, she will help the children better understand the basics and rules of the Quran reading.

Parents usually want a female Quran tutor for their children. They think that children are more comfortable with female tutors. They either hire a female home tutor or send their children to any female Madrassa. The female teachers are polite and friendly. Children need care and politeness so female tutors are good for them.

A good teacher is also a blessing who can give a heart filled with Allah’s love. A teacher plays an important role in the knowledge of a child. So if you also want to enlighten the life of your children with the light of the Quran, hire a good Quran teacher for them.

Ways To Find Female Quran Teachers For Kids

It is not easy to find a good Quran teacher and finding a female tutor might take you weeks. There might not be any good female tutor available in your local area. You need a teacher who is certified in teaching the Quran. A qualified teacher is capable of teaching in the correct manner. There are some important things that you should consider when you hire a Quran teacher. One of the important things includes her Quran educational background. This will help you find the right tutor for your children. Quran offers unlimited benefits so if you want to learn about the benefits of Quran learning for kids.

You can check the recitation and further Quran knowledge of the teacher to judge if she is right for your child. One of the most challenging things that parents may find is choosing the right Quran teacher for Quran education. Unfortunately, if a teacher does not have the capability to teach Quran efficiently, the children will not learn Quran efficiently. Then the parents will have to hire another teacher to improve their Quran knowledge.

There are different ways by which you can find female Quran teachers for your children.
  1. From A Female Madrassa
You can find a Quran teacher for your children from a female Madrassa. You can either send your children to the madrassa or hire a home tutor. Usually, parents don’t want to send their children out for learning Quran especially if they are girls. The priority of parents is to hire a home tutor who teaches the Quran at home. But sometimes it is not easy to find a home tutor. There may not be a female tutor who can come to your home to teach Quran to your children. The female tutors usually face the hijaab and security issues.

So the parents have to find other ways to find good female tutors for teaching Quran to children.
  1. Classified Ads
Finding a female Quran teacher for your children through classified ads is also a good option. You must have read the classified ads in your local newspaper or on the internet. But sometimes you are unable to find a qualified teacher.
  1. Search Over The Internet
The internet is a very helpful source for finding a good female Quran teacher for children. There are many websites where parents can search for the teachers. You may need to find out if there is any Quran teacher near me, then the yellow pages are the right option for you. Parents can find local teachers on the internet. These local teachers will teach the Quran at your local place. Some teachers that you will find will prefer teaching you online.
  1. Online Quran Centers
The best place to find female tutors for the Quran learning of your children is the online Quran center. These Quran centers offer online Quran teaching via Skype and are available 24/7. To help you understand how Online Quran centers work, we have a video for you. This video is the best example of Quran learning of children through Skype.

This video shows a male Quran teacher teaching a child. Just like this, there are female Quran teachers who teach the Quran to the children on Skype. The classes are just like physical classes where a teacher teaches one student at a time. There are a variety of reasons why these online Quran centers are best to hire female teachers for children.

A great number of people hire female tutors for teaching the Quran to their children through these Quran centers. The female teachers teach the children very reasonably and are also available 24/7. The parents can also watch their children learning. They can also interact with the teachers to know the level of their child’s learning.

Out of the above-mentioned ways of finding the Quran teachers, the best way is to hire from the online Quran centers. The teachers will be reliable and qualified. You will also be satisfied with their teaching methods.

If you need a certified female Quran or Islamic teacher for your children, choose an online Quran academy. The teachers will teach with the help of different online tools like screen sharing, video/ audio calling or live video streaming. They can make the sessions effective and informative for the children.

Join Pak Quran Academy

Pak Quran academy is the best place for children to learn Quran. The academy has a team of qualified female tutors for children. The children learn very efficiently because the course content is specially designed for children. By keeping the learning capabilities of the children into consideration, the teachers teach in a very systematic manner.

No matter where you are living, you can hire a Quran teacher at home through Online Quran Academy. The teachers are at your service 24/7. The academy works at international level so the people living in any part of the world can choose the female Qurans for their children. You can choose Pak Quran academy even for your 4 years old child. We have lessons according to the age of the child.

The academy also offers memorization course. Your children can now memorize the Quran without leaving home. The only things that you need to start are
  • PC
  • The internet connection
  • Skype ID
  • Headset
Our online platform helps the females and children to find an easy and suitable way to learn the Quran online. Our online Quran classes for children are suitable as per your time schedule. Children can take Quran home tuition at any time. Our tutors will explain everything that is important to know about learning the Quran.


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  3. MashAllah Nice Blog .Learn Quran is a humble effort to build online tuition community
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  4. Hey Its highly informative post Thanks for sharing this with us. I will come back to your site and keep sharing this information with us.
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  5. Hey Its highly informative post Thanks for sharing this with us. I will come back to your site and keep sharing this information with us.
    online qari

  6. Pak Quran Academy provide the basic concepts of Quran which is beneficial for the children to make your base.
    online qari


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