Tajweed Quran Online Classes For Kids & Adults (Men & Women)

The first thing to understand is to know what Tajweed is. It is derived from a word Jawada which means “improving or bringing perfection or proficiency”. Reading the Quran in the best manner and with the rules of recitation is the name of following Tajweed. We are Muslims and when we read the Book of Allah, we should do it with the best effort. The Quran is the best speech because it is the words of Allah and it is the perfect Book. So, there must be perfection in its recitation. Perfection in recitation means there should be no mistakes and errors. Pronunciation should be correct and the voice should be beautiful.
It basically means improve something. There are special courses through which Muslims can learn the recitation of the Quran in the best way. Muslims are required to read the Holy Book slowly and softly.
There are some principles which are very important to follow. When the Quran was revealed, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to recite it beautifully. So it is upon us to fo…

Top 10 Benefits to Learn Quran Online for Kids in 2019

Learning the Quran is very important for Muslims as it is their foremost obligation. Learning the Quran is not only important for adults but it is equally important for the kids. So the parents should be serious about the necessary Quran education for their children from the very beginning. Today the world has become digital so the parents can benefit from Online Quran learning for Kids. The online Quran centers offer this service so that the children can take the Quran education along with the school education.

Here is the table of content that you’re going to understand about:
1. The Importance Of Quran Education 
2. Quran Education For Children 
3. Learning Quran Online And Its Benefits
    3.1. Access To Good Teachers
    3.2. Individual Classes
    3.3. Flexible Timing
    3.4. Security
    3.5. Convenience
    3.6. Affordability
    3.7. Interesting Lessons
    3.8. Consistency
    3.9. Monthly Report System
    3.10. Worldwide Learning 
4. Choosing The Right Institute

The Importance Of Quran Education

Quran is not only a book of Allah but it is a complete way of life for all the Muslims. We seek guidance from Quran and get the knowledge about the right way of spending life according to the commands of Allah. It is necessary that Muslims must learn Quran from their child age. In this way, they can practice Islam in a better way. We believe that it is very essential to learn Quran for children's better future.

We believe that the Quran is our spiritual guide. It is for the entire Muslim community including all classes of people no matter where they live. Every person can take the knowledge and lessons from the Quran to live with peace and tranquillity both in the world and the hereafter.
Quran education is a light for mankind. Recitation of the Quran will be the luminous light for us on the Day of Judgment. Quran is a great literary miracle for the people belonging to all nations, creed, and people. As the Quran is a miracle for us, so we should not only read it but also understand it carefully by understanding its meanings. Quran education is, therefore, the most important kind of education for Muslims.

Quran Education For Children

There should proper education of Quran for beginners. Learning Quran from childhood is very important for every Muslim. This is because, in childhood, we have a fresh mind and children have very good learning abilities. The children are able to learn very quickly when they are at the age of learning. They pick the knowledge very quickly so if we teach them the Quran in their childhood, they will learn very efficiently. With the passage of time they will develop an attachment to the Quran and when they will grow up, they will be able to implement the Quran in their lives. To understand the importance of Quran education, let’s watch this video based lecture to help you understand in a better way:
Usually, the parents don’t give Quran education to their children due to different reasons. They sometimes cannot find a place from where they can get a proper education of the Quran for their children. Parents are usually in search of the best place for their children to learn Quran. If they are not satisfied with the institution, they don’t send their children there.

All parents want to make their child Quran recitation really beautiful. So they are in search of an expert reciter. Learning the Tajweed rules can help in reciting the Quran with a beautiful voice. The children should also learn the Tajweed for better recitation.

Learning Quran Online And Its Benefits

Learning Quran online is very popular these days. It is especially very advantageous for children. We want our children to follow Islam and be good Muslims. But when we don’t find the right place for our children from where they can get Quran education then we get very disappointed.

We, as parents should teach our children the Quran from an early age. The children should not only learn the recitation with proper Tajweed rules, but they should also learn the meanings of the Quran verses. If the children will understand the word of Allah properly they will be able to develop the love of Allah and His Prophet (SAW) in their hearts. Learning Quran online can help the children adopt the Quran in their lives. After that, they can choose Islam as a system of life.

This is an era of online education. We are connected with the technology in every field of life. We need to find good online Quran centers and good teachers. Learning Quran online has many benefits. Let’s talk about the top ten benefits the children can get when they choose online learning of Quran.
  1. Access To Good Teachers
It is really hard to find good Quran teachers. It is extremely difficult if the teachers are out of reach. But thanks to the internet that made it quite easy for children to learn Quran as there are a lot of online Quran institutes that offer online classes for children. Accessing expert and qualified teachers is no more difficult now. The teachers can speak English and the students from western countries can learn the meanings of the Quran in English. The teachers are also expert in handling kids and they know how to teach the Quran to children. Teaching children is different from teaching adults so there should be an experienced teacher for teaching the Quran to children. Children need polite and loving teachers. So, online Quran learning is the best way to find a polite and expert teacher for kids.
  1. Individual Classes
If the children get individual attention, they will learn in a better way. In the online classes of Quran, the kids get individual attention of the teachers. One teacher teaches one child at a time. The online classes make the reading Quran and learning the Quran easy for the children.
  1. Flexible Timing
Online Quran Education through online Quran institutes offers flexible timing for students. The children can, therefore, study the Quran along with their school education. Even if the children want to memorize the Quran, they can choose the time of their choice and memorize the Quran without leaving their school education. The teachers for teaching the Quran to children are available 24/7. The students can, therefore, feel free to start their classes anytime they want. The flexibility of timing is one of the greatest benefits that online Quran learning offers to the students. No matter it is day or night, the students take classes at any time. This is more beneficial for the children living in the West. They can choose the time that suits them and start taking classes.
  1. Security
The students can have online learning at home so the parents feel more satisfied. Home-based Quran learning offers more safety and security to the children. The parents can see their children learning the Quran and keep an eye on their progress. Sending children outside to the Quran centers is often not safe. So this is the great benefit for children that they can get Quran education at home.
  1. Convenience
Learning over the internet offers convenience. The children can learn at their own pace, and they also feel convenience by staying at home. This is a reason a great number of people prefer learning Quran online. If the children want to learn Quran Online with Tajweed or memorize Quran, the teachers are available to teach at any time. We understand that there is the best learning if there is convenience.
  1. Affordability
Affordability is another reason parents are choosing online Quran classes for their children. In the west, hiring a Quran tutor for home tuition is very expensive. But online Quran classes are very affordable. It is also easy to find a tutor located in any part of the world. The teachers are expert and charge a very nominal fee. So there is no other better option than to choose online Quran education for your children. To know about the best institute that offers Quran education at an affordable price, click here to see more.
  1. Interesting Lessons
The online lessons are interesting and children also find them entertaining. The teaching method is not like the teaching methods used in madrassas. The online lessons make the children feel interested in learning Quran. The teachers also use different ways to make the Quran lessons interesting. The lessons are also based on a quiz in which children gain knowledge and develop an interest in the Quran. As a result, they continue learning. The students also watch interesting videos that develop an interest in their learning. The video below will give you the best idea of how children learn about Islam through interesting videos:
  1. Consistency
It is very important to maintain consistency in learning Quran in case of kids. The parents feel satisfied with online learning because there is a proper schedule of learning. The teachers teach the children by giving them a specific time in their schedule. The children learn on daily basis hence this consistency in learning develops the habit of learning Quran in them. There is no gap in learning when there is an online Quran learning.
  1. Monthly Report System
The online Quran classes offer the benefit of providing a monthly report system to the parents. The teachers give the progress report of the children to the parents and the parents can see the progress of their children. The parents can interact with the teachers and know their child’s progress. When parents send their children to mosques or madrassa, the Quran teachers don’t give any report of the children’ progress to the parents. The parents, therefore, cannot evaluate the progress of their children. The parents always want to have a real-time assessment of their child’s progress so online Quran classes are the best option for them.
  1. Worldwide Learning
Online Quran classes provide worldwide learning to the children. It means the students living in any part of the world can attend Quran lessons online. The online Quran academies are not limited to the specific location. They are available to teach the students no matter where they are living. If you are living in a Non-Muslim country and are worried about the Quran education of your children, then don’t worry at all. You can choose online Quran classes for your children.

Choosing The Right Institute

As we have learned the benefits of learning Quran online for children, so it is important to choose the right institute for your children. Make sure the institute that you choose has a good team of teachers. The qualified teachers and the effective teaching method can help children learn the Quran in the best way. Pak Quran Academy is the best online Quran institute that can give the best Quran education to your children. They make use of the advanced tools so if you want to keep your children engaged and motivated just choose Pak Quran academy. You will invest in the future of your children and Allah will pay for this investment.

If you also want to get the above-mentioned benefits of online learning, you should choose Pak Quran academy for your children.


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