Online Quran Classes to help Muslims Learn Quran Word by Word

Learning the Quran is essential for every Muslim and it is even more important to study it word by word. It is also important for every Muslim to comprehend what is present in the Quran. For reading the Book of Allah, first, we have to work hard to learn Arabic. For learning how to read the Arabic language, it is important to learn the letters and then words in the Quran. The total number of words in the Koran is about 80,000. But only 20,000 words are only the actual words. So if a student learns these 20,000 words, he can learn all the words. It is a great benefit for non-Arabic learners. The learners will be able to get the basic message of the Quran. Learning the Koran is not difficult and it is even easier to Learn Quran Word by Word. Significance Of Word By Word Learning Learning starts with reading. For fluent reading, it is important to get familiar with the basic words. A Qaida course is the best way to know about the basic words. If a learner learns all the words, he can rea…

Best Place to Learn Quran Online in Affordable Price

In the past, if you wanted to Learn Quran, you were limited to your local places.  Now the internet opened the floodgates to us and we can connect with online Quran centers from around the world. We can now learn Quran online while staying comfortable in our own homes. There are several online Quran institutes that boost to be the Best Place to Learn Quran Online and have an affordable fee and expert teachers.

Let’s Jump Directly In:
1. Where to Learn Quran Online 
2. Choosing Mosques for Quran Learning 
3. Learning Quran Online 
4. Choosing Pak Quran Academy 
5. Why Choose Pak Quran Academy
     5.1. Affordable Price
     5.2. For Adults and Children
     5.3. Quran Classes At International Level
     5.4. Free Trial Classes
     5.5. Desired Timings & Days 
6. Conclusion

Where to Learn Quran Online?

Though there are a lot of Quran centers from where you can learn the Quran reliability is the main concern. Some factors that help you choose the best online Quran institute are:
  • Price
  • Teacher Quality
  • Teaching Methods

Everyone wants to find an institute that offers high-quality Quran education at an affordable price. Many of us can’t afford a high fee so the institute that offers affordable Quran courses is reliable. The experienced and qualified teachers are very important for a Quran academy in order to be reliable for people. When you choose a Quran center make sure the teachers are qualified.

A good online Quran institute promotes a healthy and strong learning environment. And if you are looking to learn the Quran, ask which courses they offer and also ask about their fee plans. There are some discounted plans too. You can ask them if they offer any discount.
Affordability is a very important factor that people consider. An affordable institute that goes step by step to take the students to the highest level of Quran learning is reliable. When the students get the guidance of the teachers at affordable price, they refer that institute to other interested students too.

Choosing Mosques for Quran Learning

The mosque is the right place to learn the Holy Quran. Going to a mosque is a traditional method of learning the Quran in affordable price. This is because the Quran tutors in the mosques usually teach the students collectively in a class and they don’t charge a high fee. When Islam was spread to people in non-Arab countries, they did not know reading the Quran. They therefore also didn’t understand the meanings of Quran verses. So they used to go to mosques to learn reading the Quran.

Lucky are those who can go to mosques present nearby but mosques are not accessible in many cases.  Then you need to consider other options.  Many mosques have opened the doors for female Muslims to learn Quran in separate classes but this is not the case with all the mosques. When you can’t find a Quran institute close by, which offers all types of Quran courses that you are after then why not choose online Quran learning? When we talk about learning Quran online, then the only reliable option is to join the Quran center available online. Consider all the important and prominent features of the online Quran center and then decide which one to choose.

Learning Quran Online

Reading and understanding the Quran is not difficult for native Arabs. But non-Arabs have to be very serious in learning the Quran. To remove the obstacles of distance, the internet provided many opportunities to opportunistic learners. It is very easy to find and connect with Quran teachers from all over the world while staying easy and comfortable in your own home.

The online classes are relatively a new concept. Many people are not familiar with this method of learning. In fact, it is not new but it was not so common. With the passing days, the use of the internet is increasing so the online classes are becoming popular. These types of classes are usually one-on-one sessions and a student and teacher communicate with each other through online communication software. Usually, Skype is the commonly used software but in some countries, Skype does not work. So other communication software is used for this purpose. People are confused about online learning. They don’t know how to learn Quran online.

To make your concept clear, take the example of the following online classes. This video will tell you properly how teachers teach the Quran on the internet and on Skype.

Choosing Pak Quran Academy

Pak Quran Academy is the best institute that offers a range of Quran courses in affordable price.  The academy also offers some discounts. You will have the best online Quran classes if the teachers are expert. Not only the teachers have to be qualified but they must be experienced at taking E-Quran classes over Skype. Fortunately, the teachers at Pak Quran academy are expert and experienced. They know how to take online classes over Skype.

You will start learning the Quran through Skype. The expert teachers are available to guide the students. If the students don’t have their own Skype ID, the experts will provide them with a Skype ID and Password.

Pak Quran Academy is one of the biggest online Quran centers. There is a team of highly qualified Quran teachers to teach Muslims belonging to all sects and regions of the world. It is the largest online platform for learning the Quran and Islam. There is a variety of courses taught on the site.
All the teachers are professional and have experience in teaching Quran online. They also hold verified certifications of reputable institutes for teaching Quran. This is a specialty of this center that other centers don’t have.

Why Choose Pak Quran Academy

There are various reasons you should choose Pak Quran academy for the best Quran learning.
  • Affordable Price
The academy offers very affordable fee plans. You can check the monthly plans they offer. There are weekly plans too. You can check the different price plans they offer and enjoy the best Quran education.
  • For Adults and Children
The Quran classes are available for both adults and children. This is the best place that offers the facility to learn Quran online for adults in affordable price. The children also study Quran and they learn the Quran in a step by step manner.
  • Quran Classes At International Level
The academy offers Quran classes at international level. If you are in search of online Quran classes in the USA, we are the right place for you. We not only teach students living in the USA, but the students from any region of the world can learn from us. We are available to all the Muslims.
  • Free Trial Classes
The students can take free trial classes to check the quality teaching of the teachers. The students don’t have to pay for these lessons. The trial classes are for 3 days after which the students can decide whether they want to continue for regular classes or not.
  • Desired Timings & Days
You can enjoy your desired timings and days for taking the classes. There is no fixed timing, instead, the students can choose the time of their own convenience. Similarly, the students can also choose their desired days.


While there are many online Quran institutes for learning the Quran that it becomes hard to choose. But these important features will help you decide that Online Quran Academy is the best and most affordable academy.


  1. The prices of Pak Quran Academy is very affordable everyone can learn Quran in very cheap price.

  2. this is affordable for all the muslim


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