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Learning the Quran is essential for every Muslim and it is even more important to study it word by word. It is also important for every Muslim to comprehend what is present in the Quran. For reading the Book of Allah, first, we have to work hard to learn Arabic. For learning how to read the Arabic language, it is important to learn the letters and then words in the Quran. The total number of words in the Koran is about 80,000. But only 20,000 words are only the actual words. So if a student learns these 20,000 words, he can learn all the words. It is a great benefit for non-Arabic learners. The learners will be able to get the basic message of the Quran. Learning the Koran is not difficult and it is even easier to Learn Quran Word by Word. Significance Of Word By Word Learning Learning starts with reading. For fluent reading, it is important to get familiar with the basic words. A Qaida course is the best way to know about the basic words. If a learner learns all the words, he can rea…

Best Ways To Learn Quran Fast

Learning the Quran is a huge task and it is more difficult if you are a non-Arab. Children can Learn Quran Fast as compared to adults. Quran learning should be done from the basic. We encounter difficulties in learning the Quran in the start but after some time Quran learning becomes easy. However, there are very effective learning methods through which anyone who has the desire to learn the Quran can learn it fast.

Here you can read more about:
1. What is Quran Learning? 
2. Best Ways to Learn the Quran Quickly
    2.1. Learn with Guidance
    2.2. Learning With Complete Understanding
    2.3. Hire The Tutor Carefully
    2.4. Stick To A Schedule And Be Sincere
    2.5. Quick Learning At Advance Level 
3. Pak Quran Academy For Quick Quran Learning

What is Quran Learning?

You can learn the Quran through different lessons. If you are interested in the Quran learning, you can start studying a variety of Quran courses like
  • Basic Qaida
  • Quran with Tajweed
  • Quran Recitation
  • Quran Translation
  • Tafseer of the Quran
  • Memorization of the Quran
In the Qaida course, you will learn the basics of the Quran Arabic. It includes learning the alphabets of the Arabic etc. It is a basic course for beginners.

In the Tajweed course, you learn the proper rules of reading the Quran. In the Quran reading course, you will learn the complete reading of the Quran. You become fluent in reading the Quran after this course. Quran translation course is an advanced course. You can start it after completing the Quran reading course. You will learn the meanings of the verses of the Quran.

In the Tafseer course, you will learn the interpretation of the verses of the Quran. You will learn the meanings of the Quran verses in detail. Memorization course helps you memorize the Quran.

These are some courses through which you can have the best kind of Quran learning.

Best Ways To Learn The Quran Quickly

There are some ways in which you can learn the Quran quickly. If you also want to understand it, you must learn the Quran word by word. In this way, you will understand the meaning of every word. Basic vocabulary of Arabic is very important. Let’s find out the easy way to learn to read the Quran.
  1. Learn with Guidance
If you are interested in learning the Holy Quran, you have to take guidance from an expert tutor who will teach you the Quran correctly. If you are serious about learning the Quran, you can learn it very quickly. Even if you are serious about memorizing the Quran, you can memorize it in 6 months. The Qur'an is easy to memorize, so if there is anyone who wishes to memorize, can memorize it easily.
Teaching services like Learning the Quran for beginners can help you learn from the basic. There is necessary that you learn the beginner courses with the help of the expert teachers. Without guidance, the Quran learning will be very difficult for you. The availability of expert and the qualified teacher is very necessary for effective learning. So make sure you join the reputable Quran center or qualified teacher for your Quran learning. As the Quran is different from the other books so there should be an experienced teacher who can guide you properly. There are different subjects and topics in the Quran that only an expert teacher can explain to you. So, don’t forget to learn the Quran with guidance if you want efficient learning.
  1. Learning With Complete Understanding
The first thing to learn is the Arabic alphabets. To learn the alphabets, it is important that you understand the vocalization of all the letters. It is also very necessary that you start learning with proper rules and complete understanding. If you will learn the rules, it will become easy for you to learn the Quran quickly. For learning the Quran recitation, it is important that you concentrate on the pronunciation of the Arabic letters.

Also, concentrate on correcting your mistakes when you first make them. So it is advisable to practice many times until you become successful and never repeat the mistake. Don’t feel any confusion. If you feel confusion, ask your teacher about it.

Quran is the divine light that illuminates the hearts drowned in the darkness of ignorance. There are many people who want to seek knowledge of the Quran. Many Non-Arab Muslims want to learn the Quran efficiently and quickly. The Quran contains the principles of Islam. The Non-Arab Muslims don’t know the Arabic language. So in order to learn the Quran quickly, they need to become familiar with the Arabic language. If they will learn the Arabic words and then some short Arabic sentences they will learn the Quran quickly.
  1. Hire The Tutor Carefully
You must hire the tutors very carefully. If you want to learn the recitation with the proper rules, you should first listen to the recitation of the teacher. Listening helps you in deciding if you should learn from that Qari. If you want to learn the Quran from the basic, make sure the teacher is able to teach the beginners.

A careful selection of the tutor will help you know how to learn the Quran in a fast and easy way. When you select the tutors, ask him/her about the beginners’ course that she/he will teach. There must be well qualified and competent teachers if you want to learn the Quran quickly. The teachers have the responsibility to ask the learners to practice reading the Quran as much as they can.
The role of the teacher is not only to provide the reading skills to the learners but also to make the faith in their hearts. If the tutor is unable to do it, your learning will not be efficient too. Drawing the attention of the learners to the lessons is also the responsibility of the teachers. This is very important for the quick learning of the Quran at any level.
  1. Stick To A Schedule And Be Sincere
It is important for you to make a schedule. You have to choose how much time you want to invest each day in learning the Quran. For quick learning and preventing forgetting, you should revise your lessons every day. Initially, you may find it difficult to learn so you should start with easy lessons. Learning depends on the capacity of the learner. Having patience is very necessary. Once you gain momentum, learning will become easy.

The most important thing is to stick to a schedule and give consistent time to your lessons every day. Always start learning when your mind is fresh.

Learning the Quran is for the sake of Allah only. Be sincere in learning the Quran and Allah himself will make the journey easier for you. Before you start learning, feel the motivation for learning. You must agree that you are learning only to attain the rewards from Allah. Learning the Quran helps you in having a beautiful life hereafter. If earning the rewards is your goal, you will not face difficulty in learning the Quran quickly. However, you must start with a pure heart and strong intentions. When you are sincere with your Quran learning, Allah will help you.
  1. Quick Learning At Advance Level
When you want to learn the Quran more than just the recitation, you should understand the meaning of what you are reciting. Understanding the meanings of the Quran offers more reward. Secondly, understanding what you are reading makes the process much easier and faster. You will become more humble while praying. Learning the Quran completely takes a few months to a few years. If you want quick learning, you should set your goals. Don’t lose your focus while learning. You are lucky to be a Muslim. Your desire to learn the Quran will lead to a beautiful worldly life and akhiraht.

Pak Quran Academy For Quick Quran Learning

The goal of Online Quran Academy is to offer the best solutions to the learners to learn the Quran. You should take some time to visit their site to learn more about Pak Quran Academy. You will know about the current and upcoming courses and decide which course you want to study.

The academy is working with the vision to put the guidance of the Quran into the lives of Muslims. Our mission is to offer the bests ways to learn the Quran quickly. Quran learning with us is easy and full of fun. We are serving the Muslim living in today's modern world.


  1. Pak Quran Academy provides the basic Qaida education in this way the students learn quickly.


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