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Learning the Quran is essential for every Muslim and it is even more important to study it word by word. It is also important for every Muslim to comprehend what is present in the Quran. For reading the Book of Allah, first, we have to work hard to learn Arabic. For learning how to read the Arabic language, it is important to learn the letters and then words in the Quran. The total number of words in the Koran is about 80,000. But only 20,000 words are only the actual words. So if a student learns these 20,000 words, he can learn all the words. It is a great benefit for non-Arabic learners. The learners will be able to get the basic message of the Quran. Learning the Koran is not difficult and it is even easier to Learn Quran Word by Word. Significance Of Word By Word Learning Learning starts with reading. For fluent reading, it is important to get familiar with the basic words. A Qaida course is the best way to know about the basic words. If a learner learns all the words, he can rea…

How to Memorize the Quran Online with Qualified Teachers

Quran Memorizing is a spiritual task. Quran is a blessing from Allah for the whole of mankind. It has unlimited rewards and benefits. If you memorize the Quran, you’re able to absorb it completely. Now you can one can Memorize the Quran Online. Memorizing the Quran has become very easy now. Online Quran memorization involves a very simple and effective methodology that every interested Muslim can memorize.

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1. Why Memorize The Quran
    1.1. A Great Number Of Rewards For You
    1.2. You’re The Best Among All
    1.3. Successful Life In This World And Hereafter
    1.4. Boost In Spirituality
2. Taking The Decision To Memorize
3. Online Quran Memorization
4. Quran Memorization With Qualified Teachers
5. Memorizing with Online Teachers
    5.1. New Lesson
    5.2. The Memorized Portion
    5.3. Test Sessions
    5.4. Study Plan
6. Rules Of Memorization
    6.1. Be Serious In Memorizing
    6.2. Pronunciation
    6.3. Perfection
7. Choosing The Tutors From Pak Quran Academy

Why Memorize The Quran

Reading and understanding the Quran has many rewards. And it is extremely important for every Muslim to read the Quran. However, memorizing the Quran offers a special status to us. There are a great number of reasons why you should memorize the Quran
  1. A Great Number Of Rewards For You
Reciting the Quran is an important worship. Allah promises an imperishable reward for those who read the Quran daily. The reward is immense if we memorize it.
  1. You’re The Best Among All
The person who memorizes the Quran is the best amongst you. Quran memorization is very valuable and the Hafiz is the blessed person.
  1. Successful Life In This World And Hereafter
Memorizing the Quran gives you a successful life in this world and hereafter. It is the greatest benefit so we should also memorize the Quran to become successful in this world and hereafter. Allah honours the person who memorizes His Holy Book.
  1. Boost In Spirituality
You can boost your spirituality by memorizing the Quran. The status of the Hafiz also rises and Allah promises Heaven for him.

Taking The Decision To Memorize

You should be aware that memorizing the Quran is a huge task. You will have to make a tremendous amount of effort. Quran memorization requires focus and dedication. Therefore, when you are deciding whether or not to start your Quran memorization course, you should make sure that you are fully prepared for it. Quran memorization is a blessed commitment so make sure you are capable of it. If you think you have the focus and persistence to memorize the Qur’an, then you may start memorizing it.

Online Quran Memorization

How will you memorize the Quran? this video will explain how you can memorize the Quran. You will get useful tips and tricks to help you in easy memorization of the Quran.

There is a trend of Online Quran Teaching. You can learn the Quran very easily on the internet. You can take the help of the websites having useful information about the Quran. But the online Quran memorization classes are an easy way to memorize the whole Quran. There are experienced teachers who help the learners memorize the Quran with the latest technologies.

Online Quran memorizing is very suitable as the learners learn verse by verse. Memorizing the Quran, in the beginning, is difficult but gradually it becomes easy and you will reach your final destination. Online memorization of the Quran is very beneficial for those who cannot join local Quran centers. Through online classes, the students can stay at home and memorize the Quran. This is a distant learning system that anyone can choose. There is no issue of distance. No matter where you are living, you can start your online memorization of the Quran. The children can also memorize the Quran through online classes.

Quran Memorization With Qualified Teachers

To memorize the Quran, you need a teacher. A student can memorize the Quran fast if there is a qualified tutor. The role of a teacher in memorization of the Quran is very important. The student is able to memorize with a proper Quran memorization schedule.

A qualified teacher is the one who is an expert and has knowledge of the Quran. A good teacher will help you increase your knowledge. We should be well informed about Islam and must be familiar with the Quran verses. The Quran is the base of all of our religious practices. Islamic rulings are also derived from the verses of the Quran. So there is a need for a qualified teacher who guides us and helps us in an efficient Quran memorization. With the help of a qualified teacher, we will be able to understand the Quran and memorize it in less time.

There must be a careful selection of Quran teachers for memorizing course. The children should be taught in a different way. So, the teacher teaching the children should have the experience of handling the kids. It is the duty of the teacher to design the lessons according to the age and learning pace of the children.

Memorizing with Online Teachers

You can choose your Quran teacher online. The teacher should have the best Quran memorization techniques for the students. The online learning has been quite popular. People all around the world can choose online Quran learning. The teachers teaching Quran memorization course are also available online. You can choose a teacher through online Quran centers. Hiring a teacher online for memorizing the Quran should be done very carefully.

A good teacher follows the following procedure:
  • New Lesson
In this step, the student memorizes a specific part of the Quran every day.
  • The Memorized Portion
It includes all the previously memorized portion of the Quran. The teacher will be able to decide if the students memorized the verse are properly memorized or not.
  • Test Sessions
After the completion of each lesson, the teachers should conduct the test. The test session is very important. It helps in the evaluation of the progress of the students.
  • Study Plan
The qualified teacher always sets a flexible plan for the learners. Some learners find it difficult, but setting a study plan can make the memorization easy. A good teacher works in a systematic manner. He/she makes a schedule and then follows up on the progress of the students.

Rules Of Memorization

Start memorizing the Quran from the end. This is because the ending part of the Qur'an is the easiest one. There are short surahs (chapters) and you can learn one chapter a day. Starting from the end will make your memorization procedure easy. Try to learn Arabic because understanding the meaning will also make your memorizing task easy for you.
When there is a qualified teacher, he/she teaches the following rules to Hifz Quran online.
  • Be Serious In Memorizing
The teacher teaches the students to have a serious intention in memorizing the Quran. If you have a serious attitude, you will memorize not only in less time but you will have solid memorization.
  • Pronunciation
The correct pronunciation is very important. So the teachers make it necessary for the learners to Learn Quran with Tajweed first and then memorize it. The Quran should only be learned with the help of the best teacher.
  • Perfection
Bringing perfection to your memorization is the most important rule. It means you must not move to the next lesson unless you perfectly remember the previous part. You can bring perfection by reciting the memorized verses in all prayers. Even if you repeat all the memorized verses in nafil prayers, you will memorize it perfectly.
Choosing The Tutors From Pak Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy has the best tutors certified by the most prestigious institutions. They are expert at teaching Quran and Islamic studies. There are Hafiz teachers who can guide students through the memorization course.

Our tutors are professional and have experience in online Quran teaching. You and your family can memorize the Quran with their support and guidance. They have excellent command on the recitation and memorization of the Quran.

If you want the best online Quran memorization course, Pak Quran academy is the right place for you. We also offer the option of female teachers. The female Muslims from all over the world can memorize Quran by joining our platform.

We give special classes to children. The memorization classes for children are very reliable. Your child can now memorize the Quran without leaving his/her school.

Our teachers are available to offer memorization classes 24 hours a day. You can learn through one-on-one interactive sessions. We, therefore, invite you to choose a reputable and qualified teacher from our center. We are reliable for all Muslims across the world. We encourage our students and teach the students with care, and sincerity. We believe that not only memorization requires sincerity but teaching the Quran also requires honesty and sincerity.

You can contact us for trial classes.


  1. Pak Quran Academy Teacher are very Qualified and give the instruction how to memorize the Holy Quran.


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